Oh this is already part 3… 

In the previous posts I talked about how the developer of Leaugue of Legends continously screwed up the matchmaking and rating system of the game. Now in this part I want to talk more about the effects on the way people play the game. Obviously the default defence from any high rank player for having a bad system ist “well if you would be good enough you could just win the game more or less by yourself.

And that’s true, because the rating system is reacting so slowly, and because toxicity is at an all-time high, that is essentially the only way of increasing your rating at a meaningful pace. But all the people who suggest this didn’t think it through - and it starts to show. There will always be people in teamgames who value their own performance over the actual outcome of the game. But if you start telling people the usual, popular Leaugue-line of

  • only your performance matters
  • just ignore your teammates
  • if you don’t win your lane you don’t climb

then don’t be suprised if they don’t give a shit about the actual outcome of the game - once they lost their lane. Infact while I think that the streamer pushing this idea are certainly not helping,