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Webhook CI

Simple, flask-based webhook listener for deployment of small projects. Currently for auto-deployment of almost all of my GitHub projects.

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Self-hosted Calendar

Flask based, web-calendar supporting multiple backends. High performance and with service-worker and push-notification support

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A rating framework based on the python Trueskill implementation, currently running as the matchmaking backend of my Insurgency server.

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Nutrition App

Ongoing project to create an open source diet app, focused on the health of it's users above everything else.

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Built for a local company to automaticly analyze and visualize data from temperatur and humidity loggers.

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Previews for your Website

How to make your website show a preview on Social Media

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Create an undectable VPN with nginx

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Rsync Force-Command

Safe pull-based data distribution with rsync

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Telegram Gateway

Get your Icinga2 Notifications via Telegram

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Hassle free SSL with NGINX

Setup HTTPS with NGINX and Let's Encrypt

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Lazy-loading Images in JavaScript

Plain, efficient JavaScript, not extra library needed.

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Icinga and NSCA

Effective passive service monitoring with Icinga and NSCA

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Systemd Autostarts

How to start any arbitraty programm on demand with systemd sockets

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Flask-standalone to WSGI-app

How to go from prototype to production.

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Great scientific creators on YouTube

Thunderf00t and company.

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The VPN Epidemic

Predatory Advertising in Tech

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